Photographs of the Jewels, Silver-Gilt Salver, and Coins found on the Birdpur Estate                                 












There are four boxes of jewel and relics


Box 1 contains gold coin like discs of which some have an asiatic lion and swastika imprinted in them. There are also gold stars. Box 2 contains sarira, beads and finely carved lotus flowers of different colours. Box 3 also contains lotus flowers, sarira, and beads, but also carved coral/shells. The last box, box four, contains silver coil, beads, topaz, ruby, and possibly an uncut diamond. There are also two small circular stones, one coin like with  markings.  


Box 1



Detail of box 1




(Below) Gold Discs with Ashokan lion and swastika from box 1


When my grandfather explored what had come from the caskets he stated the following...


 "The urns contained also ornaments in gold, gold beads; impression of a woman on gold leaf two inches long, upper portion naked, lower portion clothed ; another figure in gold leaf naked ; a large circular piece of rather thicker gold leaf, scrolled on the outside, 2 inches diameter, and may represent the top of a miniature umbrella ; the impression of an elephant on gold leaf, several pieces impressed with a lion, with a trident over his back and the Buddhist cross in front ; several pieces with the impression of the Buddhist cross; one piece of solid gold 3/4 inches by 1/2 by 1/3 ; quantities of stars or flowers, both in silver and gold, with six and eight petals. The silver is tarnished, but the gold is beautifully bright, and was so when the chest was opened. Pearls of sizes, many welded together in sets of two, three, and four. Also quantities of flowers or stars, leaves serrated and veined, Buddhist tridents, pyramids, pierced and drilled beads of sizes and other shapes cut in white and red cornelian, amethyst, topaz, garnets, coral, inlaid stones, and shells. There is one bird cut in red cornelian and one bird in metal." 





(Below) Picture A) The same gold disc rotated to the right reveals an asiatic Ashokan lion symbol


Picture A




Picture B) This picture clearly outlines the image of the Ashokan lion and the swastika. However it is hard to make out the trident on the lions back. The shape near the top of the disc may be part of the trident.


Picture B



(Below) Other gold discs with Ashokan lion and swastika images





(Below) A gold disc with just the swastika symbol





(Below) Gold star; with six points it may refer to the Buddhist life cycle of six realms. Notice the very delicate and intricate shaping.






Box 2


This box contains glass beads. Uttar Pradesh was one of the earliest centres of glass making in India (Dated 5th Century BC)



Detail of Box 2




(Above) The delicately carved and drilled flowers are lotus flowers and the different colours reflect different meanings in buddhism. Below the flowers are sarira, and below them carved beads.





Box 3



Detail of Box 3








Box 4







(Below) Bespoke Gilt and Silver Salver given as a gift to my grandfather by the King of Siam (Rama V) to thank him on the receipt of some of the relics and jewels from Piprahwa. These relics and jewels were interred within the Golden Mount temple in Bangkok, and are still there to this day. 






Some ancient coins found on the Piprahwa estate (The bottom silver coins are Mauryan)





Piprahwajewels 2013